Monday, 23 March 2009

Shopping in the sunshine!

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine on Saturday as much as i did! It made shopping so much more fun!! I ended up driving to two different cities and browsing both, but the weather made it great especially Nottingham which is lovely in the sunshine.
I only really went to Nottingham for MAC, and only went to MAC for Loverock Grandduo, and shockingly they were out of stock!! Was rather gutted but made up for it by purchasing two eyeshadows and an eyebrow pencil.

Left to right: Shale, Beauty Marked, Lingering eyebrow pencil

How lovely is beauty marked! I've got a similar colour in my Coastal Scents Neutral Palette but its not quite as pigmented as this one :) Really pleased!! As for the pencil, well i've needed one for ages and it was something i always forgot to get. I was helped out by the lovely 'male' MAC assistant and he pointed out i needed it slightly lighter than my natural colour so i'm gonna try it out and if not go back for another one.

On another MAC note, the assistant gave me a sample of NW25 Studio fix fluid to try because i'd found my normal NC30 was a bit yellow in the winter, just to try obviously, i'll stick to the usual otherwise!
I then ventured to Superdrug, following on from my previous comment about paying more attention to my nails... and bought these lovely two new varnishes from GOSH

Left: Wild Lilac, Right: Pink Rose

Two gorgeous colours, i especially like the Wild Lilac, i'm really feeling pastel colours and both of these are just perfect :) I haven't got time to do my nails tonight but i can't wait to try them tomorrow.

And lastly i was drawn to Topshop, i'm absolutely loving the new spring stuff they're bringing out, its so fresh and light. I wore these out at the weekend and it just made me feel that little bit more summery!

Light Beige top £28, with cream sequins & silk panels

White cotton top £22, lovely round neckline, perfect for summer

Pink pumps with gold detail, £25

I'm really looking forward to summer, what spring/summer things have you bought recently? Oh and thanks very much to Vicki for recommending a new mascara, Lancome Hypnose, i love it!!! That teamed with my Enormous Lash treatment has created these crazy long lashes, people think i'm constantly wearing fake lashes, honestly if you have the money try it, it really works!

Try that seller, thats who i bought it off, i think full price its about $95 but thats for the new formula, and i've read a few reviews about the new formula and they aren't great, at least the one on ebay is the orignal formula. Add it to your wishlist! :)


  1. Glad you like it :D did you get it from superdrug? I really want Enormous Lash! x

  2. I bought it from it was only £13.69 including postage :)