Monday, 16 March 2009

Nail vanish mini haul

So i've been lacking in the nail department care recently, its proper took a backseat in my beauty regime! So i decided to buy a few new colours on Friday.

I went to Superdrug and picked out these 3..

Spring Green, Magneta Magic and Coralicious

I've got the coralicious one on today, i was really excited to try it on, i'm taking it off tomorrow though and trying the green. (Purely out of boredem though, i've been roped into babysitting which i swear should be an illegal request after you turn 22!)

Heres the photo of Coralicious

I appologise for the poor lighting! On another note, my enormous lash seems to have just decided to start working, my lashes are soooooo long now! I'd definately recommend it, just takes a few months to start taking effect i think :)

Much love xx

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