Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fun Clothes Haul

Well recently i went to an Ann Summer party which i haven't done for about 4 years and bought a few cute things, nothing raunchy obviously!!

This is a cute vest top and knickers pj set with matching knee length socks, its lovely on aswell. To be honest i saw the socks first and they totally won me over!

I liked the look of this in the book, although the model was very tall and slim, so when it arrived i realised its alot longer than i first thought. Its more nightdress than chemise, still nice though!

I also bought three dresses at the weekend, one daytime and two going out dresses, sorry if the photos are a bit crap i'm still working on that new cam!

This dress is from Topshop, this is the day-ish dress :) I've worn it with a creme scalf and ugg boots so far!

This dress i ordered from, not tried it on yet so fingers crossed it looks good, bought it for a big night out next Friday. Struggling to think of what colour accessories to wear with it... hmm... any help?

And last but not least another Topshop beauty, i actually wore this out at the weekend, its so classic but gorgeous on. You can't really see from the photos but the top half is really silky and quite shiny, below is a photo of me in it!


  1. Those socks are soo gorgeous!!! I want them! xx

  2. Omg, I want all those dresses, I have to have them! And I love those long socks too!