Monday, 23 March 2009

Shopping in the sunshine!

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine on Saturday as much as i did! It made shopping so much more fun!! I ended up driving to two different cities and browsing both, but the weather made it great especially Nottingham which is lovely in the sunshine.
I only really went to Nottingham for MAC, and only went to MAC for Loverock Grandduo, and shockingly they were out of stock!! Was rather gutted but made up for it by purchasing two eyeshadows and an eyebrow pencil.

Left to right: Shale, Beauty Marked, Lingering eyebrow pencil

How lovely is beauty marked! I've got a similar colour in my Coastal Scents Neutral Palette but its not quite as pigmented as this one :) Really pleased!! As for the pencil, well i've needed one for ages and it was something i always forgot to get. I was helped out by the lovely 'male' MAC assistant and he pointed out i needed it slightly lighter than my natural colour so i'm gonna try it out and if not go back for another one.

On another MAC note, the assistant gave me a sample of NW25 Studio fix fluid to try because i'd found my normal NC30 was a bit yellow in the winter, just to try obviously, i'll stick to the usual otherwise!
I then ventured to Superdrug, following on from my previous comment about paying more attention to my nails... and bought these lovely two new varnishes from GOSH

Left: Wild Lilac, Right: Pink Rose

Two gorgeous colours, i especially like the Wild Lilac, i'm really feeling pastel colours and both of these are just perfect :) I haven't got time to do my nails tonight but i can't wait to try them tomorrow.

And lastly i was drawn to Topshop, i'm absolutely loving the new spring stuff they're bringing out, its so fresh and light. I wore these out at the weekend and it just made me feel that little bit more summery!

Light Beige top £28, with cream sequins & silk panels

White cotton top £22, lovely round neckline, perfect for summer

Pink pumps with gold detail, £25

I'm really looking forward to summer, what spring/summer things have you bought recently? Oh and thanks very much to Vicki for recommending a new mascara, Lancome Hypnose, i love it!!! That teamed with my Enormous Lash treatment has created these crazy long lashes, people think i'm constantly wearing fake lashes, honestly if you have the money try it, it really works!

Try that seller, thats who i bought it off, i think full price its about $95 but thats for the new formula, and i've read a few reviews about the new formula and they aren't great, at least the one on ebay is the orignal formula. Add it to your wishlist! :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The makeup diaries: Significant others Tag!

Just a tag about significant others!

My other half is called James, hes lurrvley, a pain the the backside at times but he makes me laugh :) He likes to work out, bodybuilder type but its only a hobby!

Fun Clothes Haul

Well recently i went to an Ann Summer party which i haven't done for about 4 years and bought a few cute things, nothing raunchy obviously!!

This is a cute vest top and knickers pj set with matching knee length socks, its lovely on aswell. To be honest i saw the socks first and they totally won me over!

I liked the look of this in the book, although the model was very tall and slim, so when it arrived i realised its alot longer than i first thought. Its more nightdress than chemise, still nice though!

I also bought three dresses at the weekend, one daytime and two going out dresses, sorry if the photos are a bit crap i'm still working on that new cam!

This dress is from Topshop, this is the day-ish dress :) I've worn it with a creme scalf and ugg boots so far!

This dress i ordered from, not tried it on yet so fingers crossed it looks good, bought it for a big night out next Friday. Struggling to think of what colour accessories to wear with it... hmm... any help?

And last but not least another Topshop beauty, i actually wore this out at the weekend, its so classic but gorgeous on. You can't really see from the photos but the top half is really silky and quite shiny, below is a photo of me in it!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Nail vanish mini haul

So i've been lacking in the nail department care recently, its proper took a backseat in my beauty regime! So i decided to buy a few new colours on Friday.

I went to Superdrug and picked out these 3..

Spring Green, Magneta Magic and Coralicious

I've got the coralicious one on today, i was really excited to try it on, i'm taking it off tomorrow though and trying the green. (Purely out of boredem though, i've been roped into babysitting which i swear should be an illegal request after you turn 22!)

Heres the photo of Coralicious

I appologise for the poor lighting! On another note, my enormous lash seems to have just decided to start working, my lashes are soooooo long now! I'd definately recommend it, just takes a few months to start taking effect i think :)

Much love xx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pretty new things

God that was a long day!
The only good thing was coming home to some lovely pretty things :)
My mini MAC order was here, now i've taken some photos, and tried using both my phone (Sony Ericsson C902) and my Camera, and both have come out, well crap! Please please if you know of a good camera that doesn't blurr if you get within like a mile of your subject then let me know its really frustrating!!!
What i bought:

* Two new eyeshadows, i'm definately a neutrals girl, so i purchased Mulch and Espresso:

The one on the right is Espresso and the one on the right is Mulch. Mulch is a really pretty dark bronze colour with little gold flecks, i'm going to try a look with it later so if it comes out ok i'll post a photo! Espresso is a lovely dark chocolate brown.

* Benefit 10 - a lovely pink blush/highligher and a bronzer in one pot. I heard about this and wanted to try it out so fingers crossed it looks good.

P.s i'm not using that brush, i hate little flat brushes!!!

* MAC Plushglass in Nice Buzz, this is a lovely colour, i took a bit of a chance really with it because you can never tell what colour its going to be by the website, MAC swatches are rubbbish.

Its got a bronzey, goldy look but is quite sheer in colour on the lips. As always with the plushglasses its very sticky but i like that!

* Studio Stick Concealer in NC45, yes very very dark i know but its more for drastic contouring for a night out, the next one down doesn't quite do the trick :) (Plus i'm very olive skinned and hate it!) I've not posted a photo as none came out ok.

The other thing i wanted to write about was my Enormous Lash i bought about a month ago, i've been using it religiously and i can honestly see the difference in my lashes. They aren't like some claim and sweeping sunglasses and eyebrows etc, but they are definately darker and longer. Just wish they were thicker! Again i took a photo with my camera when i first started but its so damn blurred theres no point posting it!! So again, any suggestions for a good camera would be great :)

Have a great night xxxx

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Boring Saturday afternoons...

Hi again, well since i'm really bored i thought i'd blog again. I'm slightly annoyed actually as my boyfriend came in from work at 2pm really grumpy and has gone straight to bed.... hence being bored.

I've got The Devil Wears Prada on in the background, i love that film, i read the book first actually, soooo much better!

Anyway, just thinking of things i bought recently, (one of those needs to be a new camera so i can take photos of all these things i buy!).. I finally got hold of the 182 brush, the little kabuki and it came the other day, oh my god i'm in love! Its so soft and is making my blush look lovely and blended.

I really want one of the new MAC grand duos, Loverock looks the best, but as my nearest MAC is about a 20 minute drive and an extortionate parking charge away, i generally build up an extensive list of things to buy before i travel there.

Theres a few things i want actually, one of which being Bare Study paint pot, and the whole Hello Kitty range... i think i'm one of the few people who doesn't like much of it, well the eyeshadows anyway... i'm not a fan of bright outrageous colours. Or maybe i'm just scared of using them lol

I'm after a new mascara if anyone has any ideas on a non drug store one, i'm not a fan of drugstore mascaras as i feel they make my lashes too spidery and i've tried LOADS of different ones. My fav atm is YSL Faux cils but it dries up so fast that i need to replace it about once a month and its becoming rather expensive!!!

Just to mention Kandee Johnson, i love following her videos on youtube, she sounds so sweet and nice its a breath of fresh air plus i've got loads of great tips so thanks Kandee!

Speak soon, Jenna xxx