Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pretty new things

God that was a long day!
The only good thing was coming home to some lovely pretty things :)
My mini MAC order was here, now i've taken some photos, and tried using both my phone (Sony Ericsson C902) and my Camera, and both have come out, well crap! Please please if you know of a good camera that doesn't blurr if you get within like a mile of your subject then let me know its really frustrating!!!
What i bought:

* Two new eyeshadows, i'm definately a neutrals girl, so i purchased Mulch and Espresso:

The one on the right is Espresso and the one on the right is Mulch. Mulch is a really pretty dark bronze colour with little gold flecks, i'm going to try a look with it later so if it comes out ok i'll post a photo! Espresso is a lovely dark chocolate brown.

* Benefit 10 - a lovely pink blush/highligher and a bronzer in one pot. I heard about this and wanted to try it out so fingers crossed it looks good.

P.s i'm not using that brush, i hate little flat brushes!!!

* MAC Plushglass in Nice Buzz, this is a lovely colour, i took a bit of a chance really with it because you can never tell what colour its going to be by the website, MAC swatches are rubbbish.

Its got a bronzey, goldy look but is quite sheer in colour on the lips. As always with the plushglasses its very sticky but i like that!

* Studio Stick Concealer in NC45, yes very very dark i know but its more for drastic contouring for a night out, the next one down doesn't quite do the trick :) (Plus i'm very olive skinned and hate it!) I've not posted a photo as none came out ok.

The other thing i wanted to write about was my Enormous Lash i bought about a month ago, i've been using it religiously and i can honestly see the difference in my lashes. They aren't like some claim and sweeping sunglasses and eyebrows etc, but they are definately darker and longer. Just wish they were thicker! Again i took a photo with my camera when i first started but its so damn blurred theres no point posting it!! So again, any suggestions for a good camera would be great :)

Have a great night xxxx

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