Thursday, 14 May 2009

MAC in Rhodes!!

Well i never... we took a drive upto Rhodes Town for the day to see what was there, walked along the high street and what did i see.. MAC?!? FTW!

One thing i would never have expected over here, not to suggest greek women wouldn't use such a wicked brand but c'mon! I was in shock anyhow :)

Even better was the fact i'd lost my Smoulder eyeliner (horror!) somewhere within the last two weeks and had resorted to using my not-so-favourite Jemma Kidd pencil. So i wandered straight in and purchased a new one for 13 euros. Yay! Totally made my day!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Postcard from Rhodes!

Hi everyone, i'm currently sunning it up in lovely Rhodes so i thought i'd share a few holiday snaps with you all :)

These are from Sunday morning, we woke up at 6am for some odd reason but were just in time to witness a beautiful sunrise..

And this is the view from my sunbed!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Holidaaay! and top 5 products

Finally off on holiday on Saturday, to Rhodes, so i will be posting a few photos whilst i'm over there! Shock horror i've used sunbeds again this week, i vowed never to use them again... but I needed to get my skin ready, i.e clear and a little bit tanned. I promise not to use them once i'm back!
Kinda leads me into which fake tan i currently use, and I suppose my current Top 5 Products!!

1. And definitely the top of the list, St Tropez Wipped Bronze self tan mousse. I swear by this stuff! I put it on with a mitt, takes about 5-10 minutes to dry and produces a lovely all over golden glow, i've never gone orange (touch wood!)

2. Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black. I can't big up this mascara enough, thanks to a lovely recommendation on here i've been introduced to it. Makes my lashes so long everyones been asking me if i'm wearing false ones :) Only bad thing is i use so much it runs out within a few weeks whoops..

3. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. My fav perfume at the moment, it reminds me of warm sweet scented summer evenings, perfect for this time of year!

4. Benefit 10. My current bronzer/highlighter of choice. It has two sides, a lovely pinky bronzer with goldy flecks in it and a pink shimmery higher. Perfect match for my skin and looks good with any eye colour.

5. Sexed up Shampoo by Tigi Catwalk. I've spent the last year applying Oatmeal and Honey shampoo by Tigi to get my hair back into a decent condition (i used to be blonde and it totally wrecked my hair) but recently i've felt its a bit flat so decided to try something new. This product is ace for adding a bit of UMPH whilst blow drying and my hair is shiny and full of life. A definite repurchase!!
What are your fav's? x

Monday, 27 April 2009

Motel Rocks!

My appologies for not posting for a few weeks, its been a bit stressful at work! I've got a few things to blog about so I'll try and get them all in this week :)
So anyway.. Not sure how many of you have heard of this brand, but i personally love it. Their designs are based on retro patterns teamed with cool modern dress designs. I've bought two dresses from there so far:

The Lily Dress, £45 just bought this one, its so cute!

The Patsy dress, £45, (picture took before a night out lol)

This is no advert! I just love this brand and most people i've met have never heard of them! The only problem i've found with them is they don't give refunds, only credit note/exchanges... But with dresses like these who needs a refund!!

On another note, I ♥ Spring!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I need your help!!

Please help!!
I'm going on holiday in like 3/4 weeks and i've just had a massive break out of spots!! its sorta made me stop and rethink my skin car regime... I've used the same stuff for agggges, pretty much the entire neutrogena oily skin range. Its not working!!! I am so merticulous with it yet my skin is just terrible, please if you have any recommendations let me know, baring in mind i have combination skin!!!

Very much appreciated, Love (a rather spotty) Jenna x

Friday, 10 April 2009


Well i feel totally robbed! Thanks to a great recommendation I now swear by Lancome Hypnose, I lurrrrve this mascara and its perfect for me. Unfortunately i have a bad habit of running out of mascara quickly, too many layers lol! So I decided to order one off ebay because it was retailing at £11.50 (normally they cost like £19?) and free postage from 100% seller.

Bargin right?


When it came it seemed heavier.. and after looking at it, its clearly a fake!! :(

See look at the obvious differences

The top wand is the real thing, you can see the difference straight away!

On the left, the real deal... actually has a sticker on it!!!

So be careful ladies, if you buy discount products check them over and make sure they're genuine, luckily enough the woman I bought from gave me a full refund but next time it might not be the same!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

My makeup bag

Sorry for the lack of posts this week... works been a bit manic and when i do finally get home at night I tend to collapse in front of the t.v and wind down to mindless comedy like Friends :)

Also I haven't actually bought anything new for a week (see above!) but as I'm going out on friday I've been hunting round the internet for something new and ordered a few goodies which are being delivered today, i'll blog about them later and try and actually take a photo wearing them as apose to on a hanger. They never look as good that way!

So anyway, I got into work today and thought i'd share with you the contents of my everyday makeup bag. Now this is the one i carry around in my handbag, the reason the contents are so vast for an everyday bag is because I spend every weekend at my boyfriends house which is about 45 minutes away, and don't come home from Friday night to when i go to work on Monday morning, so i have to have makeup to cover any situation always with me! I'm sure a few of you may understand ;) I kinda like it though, its like going away for the weekend... every weekend!

Here it is, badly arranged on my desk!
Back Row left to right:

♥ Urban Decay Primer Potion ♥ Studio Fix Fluid NC30 ♥ Please Me Lipstick ♥ Myth Lipstick ♥ Pretty Plush Gloss ♥ 182 Brush ♥ Nice Buzz Plushglass ♥ High Beam ♥ YSL Faux Cils ♥ Underage Lipglass ♥ Studio Stick concealer NC45 ♥ Lancome Hypnose ♥ HIP Kohl eyeliner ♥ Gosh Darling ♥ Benefit 10

Front (minus all the eyeshadows and brushes as i'll show these seperately!):

♥ 129 Brush ♥ Pink Swoon blush ♥ Peachy Keen Blush ♥ Blacktrack Fluidline ♥ Guerlian lip pencil in 00 ♥ i.lash heated eye curler ♥ Matt Bronze bronzing powder ♥ Beurre lipliner ♥ Lingering brow pencil ♥ Rimmel brow pencil in 001 ♥ Jemma Kidd eyeliner in 03 pitch ♥ pink make up mirror

And then onto the brushes, I don't actually know why i carry all of these, the rest are at home in my main makeup holder!

Left to right:

209, 293? (the number has kinda rubbed off), 219, 224 and 217

Last but not least, some of my MAC eyeshadows

Left to right:

♥ Espresso ♥ All that glitters ♥ Mulch ♥ Shroom ♥ Beauty Marked ♥ Carbon, ♥ Shale ♥ Sketch ♥ Tempting

So there you have it, my dirty secret! What makeup do you always carry around with you?