Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I need your help!!

Please help!!
I'm going on holiday in like 3/4 weeks and i've just had a massive break out of spots!! its sorta made me stop and rethink my skin car regime... I've used the same stuff for agggges, pretty much the entire neutrogena oily skin range. Its not working!!! I am so merticulous with it yet my skin is just terrible, please if you have any recommendations let me know, baring in mind i have combination skin!!!

Very much appreciated, Love (a rather spotty) Jenna x


  1. Slap some sudocrem on, it does wonders for my breakouts xx

  2. Another vote here for sudocrem it is my HG for getting rid of redness & spots x

  3. Whatever you use.. it will get worse before it getsbetter as the stuff inside has to surface.. just remember that and dont panc when you try something new and you get new spots!!

  4. Thanks for the advice girlies!