Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Holidaaay! and top 5 products

Finally off on holiday on Saturday, to Rhodes, so i will be posting a few photos whilst i'm over there! Shock horror i've used sunbeds again this week, i vowed never to use them again... but I needed to get my skin ready, i.e clear and a little bit tanned. I promise not to use them once i'm back!
Kinda leads me into which fake tan i currently use, and I suppose my current Top 5 Products!!

1. And definitely the top of the list, St Tropez Wipped Bronze self tan mousse. I swear by this stuff! I put it on with a mitt, takes about 5-10 minutes to dry and produces a lovely all over golden glow, i've never gone orange (touch wood!)

2. Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black. I can't big up this mascara enough, thanks to a lovely recommendation on here i've been introduced to it. Makes my lashes so long everyones been asking me if i'm wearing false ones :) Only bad thing is i use so much it runs out within a few weeks whoops..

3. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. My fav perfume at the moment, it reminds me of warm sweet scented summer evenings, perfect for this time of year!

4. Benefit 10. My current bronzer/highlighter of choice. It has two sides, a lovely pinky bronzer with goldy flecks in it and a pink shimmery higher. Perfect match for my skin and looks good with any eye colour.

5. Sexed up Shampoo by Tigi Catwalk. I've spent the last year applying Oatmeal and Honey shampoo by Tigi to get my hair back into a decent condition (i used to be blonde and it totally wrecked my hair) but recently i've felt its a bit flat so decided to try something new. This product is ace for adding a bit of UMPH whilst blow drying and my hair is shiny and full of life. A definite repurchase!!
What are your fav's? x


  1. Where did you buy the shampoo from? x

  2. I normally get it from but they currently haven't got it in stock! Best thing to do is search for it on google and click shopping.. it'll show you the cheapest websites that sell it :)