Monday, 16 February 2009

The postman must hate me!

So when i got home tonight i had a few little beauties waiting for me, i've been ebaying way to much recently! I much prefer to have things delivered to my work so i can have a play with it at my desk but unfortunately ebay things have to be sent home...

Two things that were waiting on my doorstep:

* MAC Tan pigment - WOW its absolutely gorgeous, i love the fact its really coppery coloured, with having green eyes it should really make them pop, can't wait to play around with it later

* MAC Antique Gold glitter - i've been wanting this for ages, it was originally for a night out that was more glam than social drink, but the auction didn't end in time :( Looking forward to using it though, although i've been warned about the potential glitter fallout.

I also had a few things waiting for me at work this morning, those that weren't bought from ebay :)

* St Tropez Whipped Bronzer - Saw this on a Youtube via by Kandee Johnson, she swore by it so thought i'd give it a go.

Let me just point out how harsh winter is! I've sworn off sunbeds for about a year now trying to keep my skin as healthy as poss, but having pale olive skin is just the worst :( So i'm praying this added with body butter will solve my problem!

And the other thing was Aqua Flash Bronzer, recommended by Lollipop26, i've been searching for a new facial bronzer/tanner to try for a few months. The last one i used were Garnier facial tanning wipes but i always ended up with a line somewhere on my face. (And it didn't sit well in my pores) So fingers crossed!!

Lastly... I'm soooo excited, my favourite book has been made into film.. Confessions of a Shopaholic (published as Secret Diary of a Shopaholic) and the following books are just incredibly written. Very close to my heart, as i wasn't too dissimilar to Beccy Bloomwood myself a few years ago, i do love to shop and spent a little too much money!! I'm going to try and drag my partner to see it with me... he doesn't know this yet!

If anyone else has read the book please let me know what you thought :)


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